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  • Stainless Steel Braided Hose

    Stainless Steel Braided Hose

    The stainless steel braided hose is designed to be used around the corrugated tube to improve the strength of the hose. Braided hose is not only strong but also incredibly flexible, moving with...

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  • Pull out Faucet Hose

    Pull out Faucet Hose

    The pull out faucet hose is made of high quality stainless steel bellows, which is tensile and anti-oxidation, while the inner tube is made of EPDM rubber, anti-aging, explosion-proof and...

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  • Nylon Shower Hose

    Nylon Shower Hose

    The nylon shower hose is professionally designed to combine the shower head and handheld sprayer together that you can have a happy shower.
    Practical, it is widely used in daily life that...

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  • PVC Gas Hose

    PVC Gas Hose

    ‚ÄčThis PVC gas hose is a transparent, non-toxic hose with inner and outer layers of soft PVC and intermediate reinforcing layer of polyester fiber. It is a good pipeline for air, water, gas, oil...

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  • Natural Gas Flex Hose

    Natural Gas Flex Hose

    The natural gas flex hose has the outer diameter 14mm sanitary hose shell which is made of professional materials, which is strong and flexible with high strength. And it has the real double...

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  • Reinforced PVC Shower Hose

    Reinforced PVC Shower Hose

    The reinforced PVC shower hose is the shower hose which is made of PVC materials with high strength and the resistance to high temperature.
    It is endurable with the wear resistance that it...

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  • Silver PVC Shower Hose

    Silver PVC Shower Hose

    It is long enough that it provide the convenience that you can wash every part of your body, which is also available to clean the bathroom. And it is easy to install that one person is enough to...

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  • PVC Net Shower Hose

    PVC Net Shower Hose

    The PVC net shower hose has the PVC net which adds strength to the shower hose that it is capable of working steadily and excellently. Also, it has excellent flexibility which is soft.

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  • PVC Concave-convex Hose

    PVC Concave-convex Hose

    The PVC concave-convex hose is designed with the stainless steel shell which is strong enough to protect the hose from corruption with extended service life.
    With the scientific and...

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  • PVC Color Chang Shower Hose

    PVC Color Chang Shower Hose

    The PVC color chang shower hose is made of the high quality materials, PVC with high strength, which is professionally designed for the shower head and handheld sprayer.
    It is light in...

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  • Washing Machine Drain Hose

    Washing Machine Drain Hose

    The washing machine drain hose is a kind of important accessories which is available to make the washing machine to drain away water in order to ensure the stable and consistent operation of the...

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