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PVC Pipe Development History

- Sep 28, 2018 -

PVC profile products have undergone a lead-in period and a high-speed development period. In terms of time, they can be defined as the 1980s to the mid-1990s and from 1995 to 2002. After 2003, the PVC profile industry entered a transition period. During the introduction period of the product: the manufacturer generally pursues low cost, simplifies the cross-section of the door and window profiles, and the formula is filled with a large amount of calcium carbonate, resulting in low product performance, and the occurrence of many quality problems affects the promotion of the product.

Beginning in 1995, a group of powerful enterprises began to digest and absorb the technical essence of foreign European profiles, and developed their own door and window series, which became the leading domestic plastic doors and windows, promoted the technology update and development of doors and windows, and made the whole industry unprecedented. Development and rapid growth. After entering the maturity of the product, that is, since 2003, many drawbacks have begun to reflect. Excessive profit margins have led to blind investment, making the industry's comprehensive production capacity nearly 3 million tons, far higher than market demand; many new investment The company did not start with product innovation and technological innovation, but simply imitated, even cut corners, faked and shoddy, and the industry market competition was in a non-healthy state. The rising prices of raw materials have intensified this unhealthy competition, which has caused some enterprises to be in trouble and have stopped production or semi-discontinued.

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