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Gas Hose

- Sep 30, 2018 -

The gas hose comprises a pipe joint composed of a pipe body and a steel sleeve fastened to one end of the pipe body, the pipe body having a through hole, the one end of the pipe body being formed An annular coupling groove for inserting a hose, the annular coupling groove having an axial depth greater than a length of the steel sleeve, a portion of an inner side surface of the annular coupling groove being a tapered surface, an inner end of the tapered surface being A step is formed adjacent to another portion of the inner side surface of the annular joint groove. The structure avoids the fact that when the pipe joint is engaged with the hose, the hose is inserted into the pipe joint too deeply, causing deformation of the end of the pipe joint, which is favorable for gas circulation and high safety. The joint of the outer side surface and the inner side surface of the annular joint groove adopts a circular arc transition to prevent stress concentration.

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