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Braided Hose Classification

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Braided hoses are generally classified into single-headed tubes, braided tubes, and shower tubes according to the above functions. Braided hoses can be divided into low, medium and high grades according to the production process. The lower braided hose is made of a relatively low-end aluminum wire, iron nut, zinc alloy inner core, and rubber inner tube. This type of product has a certain price advantage, but the lowest grade, it is easy to leak, oxidation and other issues. The mid-range braided tube is mainly made of 304 steel wire, EPDM material and all copper fittings. The applicable period is generally more than 5 years. High-end braided hoses have specific uses, such as water purifier braided hoses. Generally, the mid-range configuration is supreme. The common configuration is 304 stainless steel wire, food grade silicone inner tube, food grade PEX-B inner tube, 58-3 full copper fitting, silicone gasket and so on.

The braided hose can be classified into a single-head tube, a braided tube, and a shower tube (shower hose) according to the intended use. The single-head tube is mainly used for kitchen and bathroom hardware such as faucet and sink. Her name comes from the outer tooth, also called the pole. The single-head tube requires 304 stainless steel wire, EPDM inner tube and accessories for copper. The braided tube is divided into stainless steel and alloy wire (aluminum wire), which is also divided into upper and lower. Shower tubes are generally available in 201 and 304 stainless steel braids, EPDM inner tubes, and full copper fittings. "The shower tube is generally made of 58-3 copper fittings, EPDM inner tube, woven with 201 and 304 stainless steel, of course, also includes high-end copper braiding, as well as stainless steel gold-plated products, which are relatively high-end in braided hoses. product.

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