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What should be the performance of a high quality stainless steel metal hose?

- Jan 15, 2019 -

        Metal hose, stainless steel hose is the main pressure bearing part of the hose installed in the pressure pipeline, and protects the bellows. According to the pressure in the pipeline and the application place, one or more layers of stainless steel wire can be selected. Or steel strip for weaving.

      Stainless steel metal hoses are mixed in the market. Many customers can't distinguish between high-quality stainless steel bellows when purchasing. What is inferior stainless steel bellows? If you inadvertently buy inferior stainless steel bellows, it is likely to affect the safety of the pipeline. So what kind of stainless steel bellows can be called a quality product? Jintong Rubber believes that high quality stainless steel metal hoses should have the following properties:

    1. Plasticity, in order to facilitate the processing of stainless steel metal hoses, and through subsequent processing, such as work hardening, heat treatment, etc., to obtain sufficient hardness and strength.

    2, corrosion resistance, high quality stainless steel metal hose pipe should have strong corrosion resistance to meet the different working environment requirements of the bellows.

    3, high elasticity, tensile strength and fatigue strength, with these three properties can ensure the normal operation of stainless steel metal hose.

    4, weldability to meet the requirements of stainless steel bellows in the actual working conditions of different pipelines.

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