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- Sep 28, 2018 -

China's plastic pipe production capacity is 3 million tons, mainly in three major categories of PVC, PE and PP-R pipes, of which PVC pipe is the largest plastic pipe market share, accounting for nearly 70% of the plastic pipe. More than 1,600 PVC pipe production lines. The annual production capacity is over 2.5 million tons. In 2003, the annual output of PVC pipes (pipe fittings) reached more than 1.2 million tons. In plastic pipes, the share of PVC is 70%, PE is 25%, PP-R is 4%, and the others are 1%.

Although the rapid development of PVC pipes has attracted many companies to enter this industry, among the many domestic manufacturers (more than 2,000), there are only 70 enterprises with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, and enterprises with an annual output of 30,000 tons or more. More than 20 and have 60% of the industry's output.

On the whole, there are many small-caliber, low-value-added pipeline enterprises in China, and there are few large-caliber and high-tech enterprises. The distribution of processing capacity of PVC pipes is structurally unreasonable. The processing capacity of SMEs is mainly concentrated in PVC drainage pipes, and a large number of non-standard pipes are still flooding the market, resulting in disorderly and chaotic market competition.

In some traditional PVC plastic pipe areas, the replacement momentum of PE and PP-R is obvious. The ban on market share of nibble and lead-containing stabilizers in PVC pipes in contact with food products will have a certain negative impact on the development of PVC pipes. In particular, PVC raw materials generally account for 70-80% of the total cost. The change in the price of PVC of the main raw material has a significant impact on enterprises. After 1998, capacity expansion, market competition intensified, prices fell, PVC raw material prices rose, and industry profits fell. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have shoddy and shoddy, and have struggled to survive. The PVC pipe itself is a waste of transportation loading space, and the introduction of new road traffic regulations further increases transportation costs.

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