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Corrugated metal hose application

- Sep 30, 2018 -

1. Military hose industry

The military stainless steel metal hose market is divided into two categories: the hose for the skycraft and the metal hose for the ground equipment. The stainless steel metal hose used in the sky has not been replaced by new products due to the constraints of the stereotyped products. Military products for ground equipment have a tendency to be replaced by civilian stainless steel metal hoses due to the low risk of use. The structural adjustment of the two hoses is not large.

2. the main industry of civil hose

(1) In the iron and steel metallurgy industry, stainless steel metal hoses are gradually transitioning from product performance competition to performance-price competition. The product structure is basically stereotyped. The application of stainless steel metal hoses in the industry has been widely recognized.

(2) In the petrochemical industry, the situation is relatively complicated. On the one hand, the market demand for large-diameter high-pressure hoses and storage tank central drainage hoses is increasing, and domestic new product development in this field is far from being in place. On the other hand, in some cases, hoses have been replaced by other products, such as non-metallic tubes (light weight and pressure resistance) appearing on the terminal pipe market. As the petrochemical industry is currently a large market for domestic hoses, each of them is highly competitive in this field, and the cost of developing new products into the field is also large.

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